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Values and Ethical Principles for AI and Robotics (Forschungsarbeit)

Values and Ethical Principles for AI and Robotics

A Qualitative Content Analysis of EU Soft Law Initiatives

Schriften zur Rechts- und Staatsphilosophie

The fast-paced developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics not only tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, but also evoke a number of urgent and complex moral difficulties such as opaque decision-making, gender bias or other kinds of discrimination.

Against this background, the European Union (EU) advocates to rely upon values and…

AIArtificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence ActEthicsEthikEU-LawEU-RechtGuidelinesHLEGHuman dignityKIKünstliche IntelligenzMenschenwürdePhilosophiePhilosophyPrinciplesPrinzipienRoboticsSoft LawValuesWerte
An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics (Dissertation)

An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics

Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Walking is something we do every day without thinking much about it. Therefore it is surprising to learn, how little we know about mechanics and control of walking. This becomes obvious when you look at contemporary anthropomorphic walking machines, that are far from moving as dynamic as their human archetypes.

Reduced models are able to explain the…

BiologyBiomechanicsBiomechanikBiomechatronicsBiomechatronikDynamic walking robotElectromechanical simulationEngineeringGround contact modelKinesiologyMedicineModel-based controlPhysicsPsychologyRoboticsSpring mass modelWalking machines