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Basketball Shooting: A Science-based Approach to Coaching (Forschungsarbeit)

Basketball Shooting: A Science-based Approach to Coaching

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

"The book offers everything a basketball coach, player, or enthusiast should ever know about this important element of the game with the orange ball – that can never be mastered to perfection. There is always something small left to be fixed with extra work. This book, which should not be missing in the collection of any true basketball fan, will be of great help…

BasketballBiomechanicsBiomechanikCoachingCommercial AspectEfficiencyEffizienzGeschichteHistoryKörperliche AnforderungenKommerzieller AspektPhysical DemandsSchießenScienceShootingSportsSportwissenschaftTechnikTechniqueTrainingWerfen
Developing Take-off Power in Ski Jumping (Forschungsarbeit)

Developing Take-off Power in Ski Jumping

Schriften zur Sportwissenschaft

This book presents the first study comparing the use of different shoes and, with a special measurement device, the change in inclination. We wanted to approach the situation on the ski jumping hill and find out the typical changes that can influence the training process of the jumpers. Top Slovenian jumpers who won medals at the last Olympic Games in Beijing 2022…

AbsprungBewegungsgeschwindigkeitbiomechanicsBiomechanikGewichtsverteilungjumping powermovement speedmuscle powerMuskelkraftski jumpingSkispringenSprungkrafttake-offtraining processTrainingsprozessweight distribution
An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics (Dissertation)

An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics

Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Walking is something we do every day without thinking much about it. Therefore it is surprising to learn, how little we know about mechanics and control of walking. This becomes obvious when you look at contemporary anthropomorphic walking machines, that are far from moving as dynamic as their human archetypes.

Reduced models are able to explain the…

BiologyBiomechanicsBiomechanikBiomechatronicsBiomechatronikDynamic walking robotElectromechanical simulationEngineeringGround contact modelKinesiologyMedicineModel-based controlPhysicsPsychologyRoboticsSpring mass modelWalking machines