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Advances in Legal Medicine (Forschungsarbeit)

Advances in Legal Medicine

from a Japanese-German Perspective

Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Hamburg

It was the unforgettable Prof. Taizo Nagano who initiated the new and first INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ADVANCES IN LEGAL MEDICINE (ISALM) under his chairmanship in Kanazawa (1990). In his preface for the proceedings Prof. Nagano wrote: „...With the remarkable advances in medicine and the rapid development of social…

DeutschlandForensische MedizinISALMJapanLegal MedicineRechtsmedizinSymposium
Global Health Challenges II. (Sammelband)

Global Health Challenges II.

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

The anthology represents diverse areas of health science and also of medicine. Specifically, it provides details for these specialist areas regarding factors affecting and affected by the COVID-19 virus.

It takes up a medical perspective, but also looks at the consequences from an economist’s point of…

Bacterial InfectionsBakterielle InfektionenCancer PreventionCoronaCorona-PandemieCOVID-19Diagnostic TestsDiagnostische TestsEconomic ConsequencesEthnischer HintergrundGesundheitswissenschaftenHealth ScienceHeart FailureHerzinsuffizienzKrebsvorsorgeMedicineMedizinMinority Ethnis BackgroundsÖkonomische Folgen
Forensic Science in Rwanda (Sammelband)

Forensic Science in Rwanda

Developments, Synergies and New Actions

Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Hamburg

Looking at Rwanda’s past and considering its future with the aim of becoming a middle-income nation makes it obvious that forensic medicine is a required need for the development of the nation. Some of the crimes of the past may still be unresolved due to lack of forensic medicine capabilities, and yet the rate of…

AusbildungForensic medicineForensische AnthropologieGenozidIdentifikationRechtsmedizinRuandaRwandaSicherheitWeiterbildung
Global Health Challenges I. (Sammelband)

Global Health Challenges I.

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

The title of this book has two main focal points: Global Health and Challenges.

Global Health is a relatively new term in Public Health. It requires the healthiness of individuals of whole the world. The paradox in this perspective is, that the pandemic „Covid-19“ is showing us just this item, not only a…

AntibiotikaAntimicrobial resilienceAntimicrobial stewardshipAntimikrobielle ResistenzCancer-related factorsCorona-PandemieCOVID-19Gestational weightGesundheitspräventionGewichtszunahme während der SchwangerschaftHandhygieneHand hygieneKrebsbedingte FaktorenMedical care centreMedical economicsMedical treatmentMedizinisches VersorgungszentrumMedizinökonomieÖffentliche GesundheitPräventionsmedizinPräventive MedizinPreventive medicinePublic Health
Radon as a Medicine (Fachbuch)

Radon as a Medicine

Therapeutic Effectiveness, Biological Mechanism and Comparative Risk Assessment

HIPPOKRATES – Schriftenreihe Medizinische Forschungsergebnisse

Proofs of the therapeutic efficiency of balneological radon applications administered to patients suffering from rheumatic diseases, investigations into the biological action mechanism associated with the alpha particles emitted by radon and its radioactive daughter products, and the comparative risk assessment of…

Alpha radiationBiophysicsControlled clinical studiesImmune responseLow dosesMedicineMolecular and cellular pathways of actionPain reductionRadiation-associated riskRadiation dosesRadiation protectionRadon balneologyRadon therapyRisk associated with medicinal pain treatmentScientific assessmentTherapeutical effectiveness
Never Forgotten – The Genocide Victims from Murambi, Rwanda (Sammelband)

Never Forgotten – The Genocide Victims from Murambi, Rwanda

Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Hamburg

Introduction and Beginning of the Cooperation
(K. Püschel, O. Krebs, B. Franke, H. Mushumba)

Days of Darkness – The Genocide Against Tutsi in Murambi
(J.-D. Bizimana, J.-D. Gasanabo)

A New Beginning – Rwanda After the Genocide
(J.-D. Bizimana, J.-D.…

ForensicsForensikGenocideGenozidLegal MedicineMurambiRechtsmedizinRuandaRwandaTutsi
Safe Mobility on Land, Sea and in the Air (Sammelband)

Safe Mobility on Land, Sea and in the Air

23rd World Congress International Traffic Medicine Association May 19th–May 22nd 2013, Hamburg/Germany

Forschungsergebnisse aus dem Institut für Rechtsmedizin der Universität Hamburg

Weltweit sterben jährlich immer noch mehr als eine Millionen Menschen im Straßenverkehr – die Zahl steigt mit der zunehmenden Zahl an Kraftfahrzeugen. Die International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA) bietet ein Forum für Forscher und Praktiker aus aller Welt, um Wissen und Erfahrungen auszutauschen und…

Drogen im StraßenverkehrKrankheit und KraftverkehrRechtsmedizinTraumatologieUnfallrekonstruktionVerkehrseignungVerkehrsmedizinVerkehrspsychologie
Philosophy of Nature in Cross-Cultural Dimensions (Symposiumbandes)

Philosophy of Nature in Cross-Cultural Dimensions

The Result of the International Symposium at the University of Vienna

Komparative Philosophie und Interdisziplinäre Bildung (KoPhil)

This is the collected work of the “International Symposium: Philosophy of Nature?, given in May 2016 at the University of Vienna, organized by the “Verein für Komparative Philosophie und Interdisziplinäre Bildung / KoPhil? in Vienna. The elaborated documents by the 30 authors from Europe, Russia, East Asia,…

Comparative PhilosophyCross-Cultural DimensionsEuro-Asian ContinentInterdisciplinary PhilosophyInterdisziplinäre BildungKoPhilPhilosophiePhilosophy of MedicinePhilosophy of Natural SciencePhilosophy of NatureSymposiumTranscultural DialogueUniversity of Vienna
The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture (Doktorarbeit)

The Misery of Childless Marriage in Igbo Culture

Re-Consideration of Ecclesiastical Ethical Response to Cultural and Biomedical “Remedies”

Ethik in Forschung und Praxis

Infertility is a universal problem but the crisis it poses for Christian couples in the African cultural context differs from the experience in Western cultures. The root of the problem is the conflict in the understanding of marriage in African culture and the Christian marriage ethics, which makes it difficult…

African CultureAfrikanische KulturArtificial ReproductionBio-MedicineChildlessness (Marriage)Christian EthicsChristian MarriageChristliche EheChristliche EthikEthikIgboIgbo MarriageInfertilityIVFKinderlosigkeitKünstliche BefruchtungMoraltheologieMoral TheologyOsu Caste System
An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics (Dissertation)

An Engineering Contribution to Human Gait Biomechanics

Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Walking is something we do every day without thinking much about it. Therefore it is surprising to learn, how little we know about mechanics and control of walking. This becomes obvious when you look at contemporary anthropomorphic walking machines, that are far from moving as dynamic as their human archetypes.…

BiologyBiomechanicsBiomechanikBiomechatronicsBiomechatronikDynamic walking robotElectromechanical simulationEngineeringGround contact modelKinesiologyMedicineModel-based controlPhysicsPsychologyRoboticsSpring mass modelWalking machines