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Evangelization Among Young People in Igboland (Dissertation)

Evangelization Among Young People in Igboland

Towards a Dialogical Understanding of Evangelization as a Means of Empowering Young People in Nigeria

Schriften zur Praktischen Theologie

The proposed ‘dialogical understanding of evangelization as a means of empowering young people in Nigeria’ opens up a new avenue of handling matters concerning the development of young people especially in Nigeria. Since it is about social transformation that transforms not only human beings but also human society,…

Commitment Dialog Dialogical Dialogue Education Empowerment Evangelisierung Evangelization Igbo Igboland Interreligiös Interreligious Mission Nigeria Pastoral Theology Religious Education Theologie Traditional Transformation
Quantitative Growth or Authentic Witnessing to the Gospel? (Doktorarbeit)

Quantitative Growth or Authentic Witnessing to the Gospel?

Catholic Church in Nigeria and the Challenges of Religious Violence

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This book argues that the Church as people of God, but most particularly, the Catholic Church, fulfils her mission as instrument of salvation when she proclaims the message of Christ to a people in their concrete existential situation. In carrying out this mission, the historical context, cultural…

Armut Boko-Haram Catholic Church Corruption Frieden Inculturation Injustice Inkulturation Katholische Kirche Korruption Peace Poverty Prophetic Church Prophetische Kirche Religiöse Gewalt Religiöser Dialog Religion Religious Dialogue Religious Violence Terrorism Terrorismus Theologie Ungerechtigkeit
Beyond Interreligious Tolerance (Dissertation)

Beyond Interreligious Tolerance

Mahatma Gandhi – Pioneer of Faith-Based Active Non-Violence as a Response to Oppression and Communal Violence

Ethik in Forschung und Praxis

This book is an exploration of the life and message of Mahatma Gandhi, “the apostle of non-violence“. It is not merely an academic study, but reflects people’s genuine thirst for searching authentic freedom in a world where inhuman, irreligious and unchristian spirit prevails. The spirit and vision of…

Ahimsa Catholic Church Christentum Christianity Consensual Violence Dialogue Ethik Gewalt Gewaltlosigkeit India Indien Interreligiöse Toleranz Interreligious Tolerance Mahatma Gandhi Moraltheologie Moral Theology Non-violence Oppression Pioneer of Active Non-Violence Satyagraha Unterdrückung
Trinity as an All-embracing Reality (Doktorarbeit)

Trinity as an All-embracing Reality

A Study Based on Raimon Panikkar‘s Understanding of Trinity

Schriften zur Religionswissenschaft

This book is an attempt to present Raimon Panikkar’s Trinitarian understanding. The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is seen as an underlying structure of all reality. The author tries to find the Trinitarian roots in the Cosmotheandric vision of Raimon Panikkar. The exposition shows how Panikkar retains…

Christologie Christology Cosmotheandrism Dogmatics Dogmatik Raimon Panikkar Religiöser Dialog Religious Dialogue Religious Pluralism Spiritualität Spirituality Theologie Theology Trinität Trinity Weltreligionen World Religions