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Seize the Day: New Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching (Sammelband)

Seize the Day: New Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

LINGUA – Fremdsprachenunterricht in Forschung und Praxis

In Seize the Day: New Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, educators from several European countries consider new conditions and expectations in foreign-language (FL) teaching, and how teachers may best serve their learners in a changed and changing world.

The volume begins with several articles [...]

Angewandte Linguistik, Applied Linguistics, Challenges, Foreign Language Teaching, Fremdsprachenunterricht, Herausforderungen, Language, Learning, Lehre, Lernen, Lösungen, Materialien, Materials, Methoden, Methods, Perspectives, Perspektiven, Probleme, Problems, Solutions, Sprache, Teaching, Techniken, Techniques


Foreign Language Movies – Dubbing vs. Subtitling (Sammelband)

Foreign Language Movies – Dubbing vs. Subtitling

Schriften zur Medienwissenschaft

The subject of this volume is motion picture translation, that is, theories, methods and results of research aimed at various aspects of foreign movies and the implementation of motion pictures in foreign language classes.

This collection of papers on the translation of motion pictures consists of 15 [...]

Applied Linguistics, Dubbing, Film, Kulturwissenschaft, Linguistik, Medienlinguistik, Medienwissenschaft, Movie, Sprachwissenschaft, Subtitling, Synchronisation, Translation, Übersetzung, Übersetzungswissenschaft, Untertitel


Producing Verbal Play in English (Doktorarbeit)

Producing Verbal Play in English

A Contrastive Study of Advanced German Learners of English and English Native Speakers

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Verbal play production feeds on the ability to deliberately manipulate language. It is frequently employed by native speakers (of English) in human interaction to achieve a communicative goal "with a laugh?. Foreign language learners hardly employ such strategic moves. Research into foreign language play typically observes and categorizes [...]

Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft, applied linguistics, commmunication, communicative competence, competence, components of creativity, contrastive research, creative context, creative person, creative problem-solving, creative process, creative product, creative translation, creativity, Deutsch:, foreign language learning, foreign language proficieny, Fremdsprachenbeherrschung, Fremdsprachenerwerb, Humor, humour, humour competence, joke, joke competence, Kommunikation, kommunikative Kompetenz, Kompetenz, Komponenten der Kreativität, kreative Person, kreativer Kontext, kreativer Prozess, kreatives Problemlösen, kreatives Produkt, kreatives Übersetzen, kreative Übersetzung, Kreativität, language, language learning, language play, language proficiency, linguistic creativity, play, pun, pun translation, second language communication, second language learning, second language proficiency, sense of humour, Sinn für Humor, Spiel, Sprachbeherrschung, Sprache, Spracherwerb, Sprachkreativität, Sprachlernen, sprachlicher Sinn für Humor, Sprachspiel, Sprachwissenschaft, translatability, translation, translation competence, translation equivalence, Übersetzbarkeit, Übersetzung, Übersetzungsäquivalenz, Übersetzungskompetenz, verbal creativity, verbale Humorkompetenz, verbaler Humor, verbal humour, verbal humour competence, verbal play, verbal play production, Witz, Witzkompetenz, word play, Wortspiel, Wortwitz, Zweitsprachenbeherrschung, Zweitspracherwerb


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