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Policy Coherence and Economic Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe (Doktorarbeit)

Policy Coherence and Economic Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe

The Great Transformation

POLITICA – Schriftenreihe zur politischen Wissenschaft

Starting from the observation that some of the East European post-socialist governments produced coherent reform policies which successfully transformed their countries’ economies into capitalist ones, while others lingered behind muddling through half hearted reforms, this paper takes a closer look at how these governments simultaneously developed the banking…

Central and Eastern EuropeComparative PoliticsEconomic ReformGovernmentÖkonomische ReformOsteuropaPolicy CoherencePolitikPolitikwissenschaftRegierungTransformationTransitionÜbergangVergleichende PolitikwissenschaftZentraleuropa
Modeling China‘s Economic Growth Path (Dissertation)

Modeling China‘s Economic Growth Path

A Dynamic Analysis of Pension and Tax Reforms

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

The fast economic growth of China in the last three decades has impressed economists around the globe. How did China succeed to keep a high growth rate in such a long period? Which costs and risks could the rapid development of China imply? How could the historical success be maintained in the foreseeable future? A large number of economists and sociologists have…

Allgemeines GleichgewichtsmodellAltruismAltruismusChinaComputable General EquilibriumEntrepreneurshipFinanzwissenschaftFiscal PolicyFiskalpolitikModell überlappender GenerationenOverlapping GenerationsPublic FinanceSaving RateSparquoteUnternehmertumVolkswirtschaften
Strategies of the State towards the Informal Economy (Doktorarbeit)

Strategies of the State towards the Informal Economy

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

Around the world developed and developing economies alike are struggling with the persisting nature of the informal economy. The policy advice given to politicians by development economists today is rather generic with no regard to country-specific factors. This research develops a policy advice framework for governments to improve the relevance of policy actions…

Development EconomicsEconomic PolicyEconomic ReformInformal EconomyNationalökonomiePolicy AdviseShadow EconomyVolkswirtschaftenVolkswirtschaftslehre