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Global Health Challenges I. (Sammelband)

Global Health Challenges I.

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

The title of this book has two main focal points: Global Health and Challenges.

Global Health is a relatively new term in Public Health. It requires the healthiness of individuals of whole the world. The paradox in this perspective is, that the pandemic „Covid-19“ is showing us just this item, not only a risk for health of certain regions or for certain…

AntibiotikaAntimicrobial resilienceAntimicrobial stewardshipAntimikrobielle ResistenzCancer-related factorsCorona-PandemieCOVID-19Gestational weightGesundheitspräventionGewichtszunahme während der SchwangerschaftHandhygieneHand hygieneKrebsbedingte FaktorenMedical care centreMedical economicsMedical treatmentMedizinisches VersorgungszentrumMedizinökonomieÖffentliche GesundheitPräventionsmedizinPräventive MedizinPreventive medicinePublic Health
Education and the Challenges of Modern Society (Forschungsarbeit)

Education and the Challenges of Modern Society

EUB. Erziehung – Unterricht – Bildung

The monograph Education and the Challenges of Modern Society brings together the authors’ reflections on topical issues in various fields. In most cases, the authors support the theoretical premises with empirical research.

In the first chapter, Slavoljub Hilčenko, Vojislav Ilić and Sanja Filipović focus on the role of ICT in the process of…

AddictionEducationEpidemiological characteristicsEpidemiologische MerkmaleErziehungswissenschaftenGesundheitswissenschaftenHealth careLehrenMedical treatmentMedizinische BehandlungModerne GesellschaftModern societySuchtTeachingTherapieTherapy