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Health-Related Physical Fitness in End-Stage Kidney Disease (Forschungsarbeit)

Health-Related Physical Fitness in End-Stage Kidney Disease

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

Any clinician, physical therapist, kinesiologist, or nurse who works with patients with end-stage renal disease knows the serious impairment and obstacles this disease brings to the lives of our patients. As the population undergoing renal replacement therapy continues to age, there is an increasing need to objectively assess biological versus choronological age…

Gesundheitswissenschaften Health Körperliche Aktivität Körperliche Leistungsfähigkeit Lebensqualität Sports Sportwissenschaft
Global Health Challenges II. (Sammelband)

Global Health Challenges II.

Schriftenreihe Gesundheitswissenschaften

The anthology represents diverse areas of health science and also of medicine. Specifically, it provides details for these specialist areas regarding factors affecting and affected by the COVID-19 virus. It takes up a medical perspective, but also looks at the consequences from an economist’s point of view. The aim is create an academic contribution to the topic…

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