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The European Union State-Building in Kosovo (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

The European Union State-Building in Kosovo

Challenges and Lessons Learned: An Assessment of EULEX

Studien zum Völker- und Europarecht

This is the first research ever on an encompassing overview of EU conflict management in Kosovo. It analyses the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) commitment in the judicial field in the youngest Balkan ‘State‘, since its inception up today, by comparing its deeds and missed actions with those of its predecessor (United Nations Interim Administration…

DemokratisierungEthnicityEU Common Foreign and Security PolicyEU Common Security and Defense PolicyEULEXEuropean Union Conflict ManagementFriedensbildungKosovoPeace-BuildingState-BuildingWestern Balkans
Investing in Renewable Energy Sources (Dissertation)Zum Shop

Investing in Renewable Energy Sources

An Assessment of Non-Technological Issues in Central and Eastern Europe

Wirtschaftspolitik in Forschung und Praxis

On May 1st 2004, the European Union has seen the most ambitious enlargement in its history in terms of expansion scale as well as political and economic challenges. With the accession process, the new Member States (NMS) assumed a double responsibility. On one hand, these countries will have to continue making efforts to catch up with Western Europe (EU-15) while,…

EnergieversorgungErneuerbare EnergienGlobalisierungKlimawandelNachhaltigkeitOsteuropaProperty RightsSustainabilityVolkswirtschaftslehreWeltklimaWirtschaftspolitik