Unsere Literatur zum Schlagwort Wester­n Balkans­

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“Gastarbeiter Millennials” (Forschungsarbeit)

“Gastarbeiter Millennials”

Exploring the past, present and future of migration from Southeast Europe to Germany and Austria with approaches to classical, historical and digital demography

Studien zur Migrationsforschung

The demographic change in the EU will affect everybody and will lead to social and political tensions that can seriously threaten the foundations of liberal democracy if current politics continue. A combination of three main factors creates the so-called “Emigration factory” in South-Eastern Europe: 1) The policy of extracting the youth labour force…

Demografie Einwanderungspolitik Gastarbeiter Integration Südosteuropa Westbalkan Western Balkans
The European Union State-Building in Kosovo (Doktorarbeit)

The European Union State-Building in Kosovo

Challenges and Lessons Learned: An Assessment of EULEX

Studien zum Völker- und Europarecht

This is the first research ever on an encompassing overview of EU conflict management in Kosovo. It analyses the European Union Rule of Law Mission (EULEX) commitment in the judicial field in the youngest Balkan ‘State‘, since its inception up today, by comparing its deeds and missed actions with those of its predecessor (United Nations Interim…

Demokratisierung Kosovo Western Balkans

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