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From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020 and Beyond (Dissertation)

From the Lisbon Strategy to Europe 2020 and Beyond

Rethinking the Rationale for a Common European Economic Policy

EURO-Wirtschaft – Studien zur ökonomischen Entwicklung Europas

During the last couple of years the lack of competitiveness of many European economies has been brutally exposed. This book presents a detailed analysis of the failed attempt of the European Commission to enhance competitiveness and rethinks the rationale for delegating competences to the EU.

The Lisbon Strategy, which was initiated…

Benchmarking Competitiveness Economic Policy European Integration
Resource Wealth and Sustainable Development (Doktorarbeit)

Resource Wealth and Sustainable Development

A Comparative Analysis of the GCC Countries

Studienreihe Volkswirtschaften der Welt

Natural resource-rich countries that are dependent on revenues generated from the sale of the resources, such as the Gulf Cooperation Council countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates face several challenges. They can be classified as challenges arising by nature (non-renewability and depletability) and by…

Sustainable Development Volkswirtschaftslehre