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Decomposing Consistency Matrices (Dissertation)Zum Shop

Decomposing Consistency Matrices

A Methodological Approach to Increase Efficiency and Applicability of the Consistency Analysis in Scenario Processes

Strategisches Management

Eine zentrale Herausforderung im Rahmen induktiver Szenarioprozesse besteht in der Auswahl konsistenter Szenarien aus der Vielzahl kombinatorisch möglicher Projektionsbündel. Zu diesem Zweck wird in der Literatur der Einsatz der Konsistenzanalyse empfohlen. Sie dient dazu, Komplexität zu reduzieren und…

ClusteranalyseEffizienzsteigerungEinflussanalyseKonsistenzanalyseModularisierungStrategische PlanungSzenarioanalyseZerlegung komplexer SystemeZukunftsforschung
The Determinants of Firm Growth in High-Technology Industries (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

The Determinants of Firm Growth in High-Technology Industries

An Empirical Analysis of Spatial, Relational and Institutional Factors in the German Biotechnology Industry

Schriftenreihe innovative betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis

The formation and growth of high-technology firms is widely regarded as a critical source of competitive advantage for advanced economies. These science and technology-based ventures give rise to important technological innovations opening up new industry segments and challenging existing technological paradigms…

ClusterFirmenwachstumInnovationInnovationsforschungNetzwerkeStrategisches ManagementTechnological InnovationsTechnologiepolitikWirtschaftsgeographie
Creating Insights in Large Markets (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

Creating Insights in Large Markets

Electronic Commerce, Marketing & Finance

Today, firms face large and complex markets, in which they must make strategic and tactic decisions. However, their ability to make informed decisions is limited. First, they lack access to comprehensive data regarding the large markets in which they operate. Second, even in cases in which such data are available,…

Asymmetric CompetitionBig DataCannibalizationCompetitive AnalysisCompetitive Market StructureConsideration SetsMarketingNew Product SuccessOnline Consumer SearchOverlapping ClusteringPrice-Comparison SitesSource of Market ShareViasualization and Mapping
A Disaggregate Analysis of China‘s Regional Development (Dissertation)Zum Shop

A Disaggregate Analysis of China‘s Regional Development

Schriftenreihe innovative betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung und Praxis

During the Chinese transitional period from a planned to a market economy, there were significant regional imbalances. On the one hand, we should admit that, given the vast size of China, regional disparities seem inevitable due to the unequal conditions seen historically; on the other hand, basing our judgment on…

Cadre Management SystemCareer AdvancementChinaClusterCounty CadresCulture and Economic IntegrationGrowth SpilloversIncentivesIntra-Provincial InequalityLocal ProtectionismPolarizationRegionale EntwicklungSpatial Agglomeration
Taxonomic Approach to Consumer Innovativeness (Doktorarbeit)Zum Shop

Taxonomic Approach to Consumer Innovativeness

Relationship Between Patterns of Consumers‘ Personality Characteristics and Innovativeness

Studien zum Konsumentenverhalten

Relevant variables determining personality characteristics related to innovativeness Presentation of different consumer types Managerial and academic implications

Target Groups.

Lecturers and students of consumer behavior and marketing Marketing professionals in the consumer electronics…

Cluster AnalysisConsumerConsumer PatternInnovativenessKonsumentenverhaltenMarketingPersonality CharacteristicsPersonalmanagementTaxonomyTechnological ProductsTheory of Planned Behaviour