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Modelling of Spray Deposit on Diverse Targets in Agribusiness (Forschungsarbeit)

Modelling of Spray Deposit on Diverse Targets in Agribusiness

AGRARIA – Studien zur Agrarökologie

The main objective of any plant protection product application is to ensure optimal status of cultural plants and crop, while causing minimal environmental damage. For spraying against diseases, preventive fungicides have to be used. The aim of preventive fungicide spraying is to keep infections at levels that do not cause damage to plants. Consequently,…

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Water Movement Modelling (Forschungsarbeit)

Water Movement Modelling

Surface Drip Irrigation in Agriculture

Schriftenreihe agrarwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Improvements in irrigation can increase the productivity of water and may provide significant adaptation potential under a changing climate. The great potential of drip irrigation lies in improving water management, thus enlarging crop yield and quality. However, to design drip irrigation systems effectively, the soil water dynamics needs to be predicted…

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