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Phonetically conditioned lenition processes (Forschungsarbeit)

Phonetically conditioned lenition processes

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

The term phonetically-conditioned lenition processes, which is also the title of the book, refers to the phonological processes whose output is thought to be linked directly to physical properties of the speech apparatus, of which inertia appears to be particularly important. Given that the influence of inertia manifests itself in accelerated movements when…

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Rhotic Sounds in the Slavic Languages (Habilitationsschrift)

Rhotic Sounds in the Slavic Languages

An Acoustic Study

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

This post-doctoral book provides a comprehensive description of the major allophones of the rhotic phonemes found in thirteen currently spoken Slavic languages. Since trills are said to be susceptible to phonetic change, an attempt is made to determine whether the phonological contexts in which rhotic sounds occur have an impact on their phonetic realisation.…

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