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Linguistics Across Culture 3 (Jahrbuch)

Linguistics Across Culture 3

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Linguistics Across Culture 3 is a collection of articles that offer new discoveries and important analytical and conceptual work in the areas of cognitive linguistics, onomastics, discourse analysis, translation studies and phonology. In this way, the volume reflects a wide scope of current research interests and themes of language scholars from the English…

Cognitive LinguisticsCross-cultural researchDiscourse analysisDiskursanalyseEnglische PhilologieEnglish philologyKognitive LinguistikKulturübergreifende ForschungOnomasticsOnomastikPhonologiePhonologySprachwissenschaftTranslation studiesÜbersetzungswissenschaft
Analysis of Dysarthric Speech After a Traumatic Brain Injury (Doktorarbeit)

Analysis of Dysarthric Speech After a Traumatic Brain Injury

A Gestural Approach

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

This book focuses on two aspects: consonant production and intonation in dysarthric speech following a traumatic brain injury. The book discusses the deterioration in consonant production as well as deviant prosody in dysarthric speech. Plosives are investigated since imprecision in the production of plosives is a major occurrence in dysarthria. More specifically,…

Acoustic analysisArticulatory gesturesArticulatory phonologyDysarthriaDysarthric SpeechGestural approachGesturesIncomplete closure in plosivesNeurolinguistikPhonetikPlosivesProsodySpeech productionSpeech therapyTraumatic brain injury
Language & the Brain: The Neural Basis of Foreign Language Proficiency (Forschungsarbeit)

Language & the Brain: The Neural Basis of Foreign Language Proficiency

Angewandte Linguistik aus interdisziplinärer Sicht

The heart of this book is constituted by the scientific discipline of neurolinguistics. The fascinating field of neurolinguistics encompasses the study of the neural mechanisms in the human brain that control the comprehension, production, and acquisition of a native or foreign language. Neurolinguistic research examines the underlying mechanisms of all the major…

Angela FriedericiCognitive gender differencesCognitive scienceCPHCritical Period HypothesisForeign language proficiencyFremdsprachenkenntnisseGenderGender & LanguageHomosexualityKognitive GeschlechterunterschiedeLanguage and the brainLearning foreign languagesMusical abilityMusical talentNative-like pronunciationNeurolinguisticsNeurolinguistikPhonologyPierre Paul BrocaSprachwissenschaft