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Analysis of Dysarthric Speech After a Traumatic Brain Injury (Doktorarbeit)

Analysis of Dysarthric Speech After a Traumatic Brain Injury

A Gestural Approach

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

This book focuses on two aspects: consonant production and intonation in dysarthric speech following a traumatic brain injury. The book discusses the deterioration in consonant production as well as deviant prosody in dysarthric speech. Plosives are investigated since imprecision in the production of plosives is a major occurrence in dysarthria. More…

Acoustic analysis Articulatory gestures Articulatory phonology Dysarthria Dysarthric Speech Gestural approach Gestures Incomplete closure in plosives Neurolinguistik Phonetik Plosives Prosody Speech production Speech therapy Traumatic brain injury
Multimodal (Im)politeness (Dissertation)

Multimodal (Im)politeness

The Verbal, Prosodic and Non-Verbal Realization of Disagreement in German and New Zealand English

PHILOLOGIA – Sprachwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

This study aims to broaden our understanding of cross-cultural differences in communication behaviour. To this end, the present study employs an innovative methodology, which combines a traditional approach to speech act research – based on verbal communication – with prosody and non-verbal communication, in order to gain a multidimensional insight into…

Communication Behaviour Cross-Cultural Communication Disagreement German New Zealand English Non-Verbal Communication Politeness Pragmatics Prosody Speech Act Sprachwissenschaft

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