Tagungsband: Deutsche Phraseologie und Parömiologie im Kontakt und im Kontrast I

Deutsche Phraseologie und Parömiologie im Kontakt und im Kontrast I

Beiträge der 2. internationalen Tagung zur Phraseologie und Parömiologie in Wrocław/Polen, 23.–25. Mai 2019

Studia Phraseologica et Paroemiologica, volume 2

Hamburg , 482 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11484-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11485-3 (eBook)

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The collective monograph entitled ‘Deutsche Phraseologie und Parömiologie im Kontakt und Kontrast I’ includes chosen and positively reviewed scientific articles, produced on the basis of papers presented during the second international scientific conference devoted to phraseology and paremiology. The conference was held in the Institute of German Philology of the University of Wrocław on 23-25 May 2019. The general theme of the conference was ‘Deutsche Phraseologie und Parömiologie im Kontakt und Kontrast.’ The contributions collected in the volume present a wide range of various issues related to phraseology and paremiology. In six thematic sections a choice of theoretical aspects are considered, as well as empirical research is presented, which focus around phraseology and paremiology. On one hand, these are the most current theoretical considerations related to such spheres as phrasemes of a structure of single lexemes, kinegrams, concurrence analysis, data bases and corpus analysis, politeness, cognitive linguistics, and construction grammar. On the other hand, the contributions include literary analysis, or refer to taboo spheres. The contributions worth particular emphasis are those presenting a wide range of issues related to the didactic aspects of phrasemes and proverbs. The volume is closed with contrastive analysis (German and Spanish, German and Danish, German and Hungarian, German and Polish).

The contrastive and confrontational aspect of the collective monograph is another feature that contributes to the high quality of the volume. Editors of the volume would like to express their joy for the reason of its publishing and they hope it will find an appropriate group of recipients.


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