Forschungsarbeit: African Theology of Solidarity and Religion of Self-Deceit

African Theology of Solidarity and Religion of Self-Deceit

The Nigerian Experience

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THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse, Band 108

Hamburg , 218 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-8300-6878-5 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-06878-1 (eBook)

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Religion plays an important role in the day to day activities in Nigeria. Nigerians live religion and think religiously. Religion is used to legitimate almost everything. Politicians use recourse to religion to promote their political agenda. They use religious events, gatherings and discussions to gain political advantage; businessmen and women use religion as an advertising mechanism. The genuine religiosity of Nigerians has become in itself a problem. It has created room for religious abuses in which magic is applauded as miracle, elevation of psychological ecstasies, hallucinations as highly religious spiritual experiences etc. some hide themselves in the good name of religion to perpetrate vilest forms of evils ranging from brainwashing to ritual killings. This book, “African Theology of Solidarity and Religion of Self-deceit: The Nigerian Experience? is an attempt to help Nigerians place religion in its rightful position in the country. Religion should not be an instrument of intolerance, division, violence and abuse of human intelligent. In any authentic religion, faith should not be devoid from reason.

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