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Examining the Role of Regional Community Courts in Integration (Doktorarbeit)

Examining the Role of Regional Community Courts in Integration

Case Study of the East African Court of Justice with Lessons from the Court of Justice of the European Union

Schriftenreihe zum internationalen Einheitsrecht und zur Rechtsvergleichung

This book examines roles of regional community courts in economic integration. It traces how regional community courts of the EACJ and the CJEU have sought to attune themselves as institutions that can tackle socio-economic and political challenges hampering integration. The study is founded on an observation that…

Court of Justice of the European UnionEast African CommunityEast African Court of JusticeEast African Treaty 1999Europäischer GerichtshofEuropäische UnionEuroparechtEuropean UnionInternationales RechtOstafrikanische GemeinschaftOstafrikanischer GerichtshofPublic International LawRegional Community CourtsRegional Economic IntegrationRegionale GemeinschaftsgerichteRegionale Wirtschaftsintegration
(Non-)Signature and Ratification of Multilateral Regional Agreements (Doktorarbeit)

(Non-)Signature and Ratification of Multilateral Regional Agreements

An Explanation of States‘ Behavior in the African Union

Schriften zur internationalen Politik

(Non-)signature and ratification of multilateral treaties has become a major policy concern. Its relevance to the African Union is rising since the 66th Ordinary Session of the Council of Ministers. Even though scholars have discussed how domestic factors and state’s openness shape treaty approval, the behavior of…

African Interantional RelationsAfrican UnionConstutivismEuropean UnionLiberalismMixed Methods ResearchMultilateral TreatiesRationalismRegional OrganizationSmall StatesStates`Behaviour
The European Union and China in Africa (Forschungsarbeit)

The European Union and China in Africa

Explaining Conflict and Cooperation with International Relations Theory

Regensburger Studien zur Internationalen Politik

The Chinese quest for African resources, market opportunities, and political influence in African countries has caught the attention of Western media and analysts. The depiction of Beijing’s „safari“ into Africa mainly presents a negative image of the Chinese engagement: China is said to risk political stability on…

AfricaChinaChinesische AfrikapolitikEUEU-China-BeziehungenEuropaEuropäische AfrikapolitikEuropäische UnionEuropeanInternationale BeziehungenInternationale PolitikInternational RelationsKognitiver EvolutionismusNeoliberaler InstitutionalismusNeorealismusPolitikwissenschaft
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Equal Right to Property for Women under International Human Rights Law (Doktorarbeit)

Equal Right to Property for Women under International Human Rights Law

An Analysis of the Legal Protection in Kenya

Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft

The study is inspired by the general situation of women with regard to property and particularly land in Kenya. To date, discrimination and inequality with regard to property and land in particular continue to be pervasive whereby the disparity of ownership of land between men and women stands at Seventy Five…

African CustomsAfrikanische BräucheDiscriminationDiskriminierungEqualityFrauenrechteGleichheitGüterstandHuman rightsIntersectionalismIntersektionalitätKeniaKenyaLawLegal pluralismMatrimonial propertyMenschenrechteNachfolgeRecht auf EigentumRechtspluralismusRechtswissenschaftRight to propertySuccessionWomen‘s rights
Evangelisation and Modernity (Doktorarbeit)

Evangelisation and Modernity

Cultural Issues as Missiological Imperative in „Ecclesia in Africa

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This study brings to the fore that modernity offers enough (if not more than enough) materials for missiological consumption for the church in Africa. It stresses that the challenges of evangelisation in Africa in the Third Millennium, as Ecclesia in Africa specifies in its caption, can never be the same as…

Christliche KircheChurch in AfricaEcclesia in AfricaEvangelisationEvangelisation in AfricaGlobalisierungInkulturationMissionModern CultureModerneModernitySoziale GerechtigkeitTheologie
Marriage and Adultery in the Old Testament (Forschungsarbeit)

Marriage and Adultery in the Old Testament

An Igbo-African Contextual Reading

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

This book not only provides an in-depth understanding of family, marriage and adultery in the Old Testament and the implications thereof for contemporary Igbo-African society, but also demonstrates convincingly the vital role of the Bible in Africa as a resource for social and ethical transformation. [...]

AdulteryAfricaAfrikaAltes TestamentBibelstudienBible StudiesDivorceEheEhebruchEthikFamilieFamilyIgboMarriageNarrative AnalyseNarrative analysisOld TestamentScheidungSexual ethicsSexualethik
Comparative Experiences of NGO Regulatory Frameworks (Dissertation)

Comparative Experiences of NGO Regulatory Frameworks

Eastern and Southern Africa

Verfassungsrecht in Forschung und Praxis

The growth of NGOs in sub-Saharan countries beginning in the 1990s, can be attributed to the ’new wave of democracy’ that led to the rebirth of associational life thus creating new spaces for people to organise. Hitherto many countries amended their constitutions to allow for political reforms. In countries such as…

AccountabilityCameroonConstitutional LawCôte d'IvoireDemocracyGovernanceHuman RightsKenyaNGOsRegulationSenegalSub-Saharan AfricaTanzaniaTransparencyUganda
African Theology of Solidarity (Forschungsarbeit)

African Theology of Solidarity

THEOS – Studienreihe Theologische Forschungsergebnisse

The broad aim of African Theology of Solidarity is to establish that any symbiotic dialogue of the Christian faith with African cultures and the precarious social realities in Africa require the theological unification of the two major theological trends in Africa: Inculturation and Liberation. The need to…

AfricaAfrican Traditional ReligionAfrikanische traditionelle ReligionAIDSArmutBefreiungstheologieCultureFemale CircumcisionFrauenbeschneidungFrauenrechteHIVInculturation TheologyInkulturationKulturLiberation TheologyPovertySolidaritätSolidarityTheologieTheologyWomen‘s Rights
The Integration of Renewable Energies into the Electricity Systems of North Africa (Doktorarbeit)

The Integration of Renewable Energies into the Electricity Systems of North Africa

Schriftenreihe technische Forschungsergebnisse

Die Strommärkte Nordafrikas standen aus europäischer Sicht lange Zeit kaum im Fokus energiepolitischer Betrachtungen. Dieses Bild beginnt sich in jüngster Zeit zu wandeln: So werden zum Beispiel bei der gegenwärtigen Diskussion über eine verstärkte Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien Szenarien ins Spiel gebracht, die auf…

ÄgyptenAlgerienDESERTECElectricity SystemsEnergiewirtschaftErneuerbare EnergienLibyenMarokkoMENA-RegionMiddle East and North AfricaNord AfrikaNorth AfricaRenewable EnergiesStromsystemeTunesien