Forschungsarbeit: Sprachverarbeitung aus neurolinguistischer Sicht

Sprachverarbeitung aus neurolinguistischer Sicht

Unterschiede zwischen Ein- und Zweisprachigen

Angewandte Linguistik aus interdisziplinärer Sicht, Band 50

Hamburg 2017, 132 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-9542-2 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-09542-8 (eBook)

Age of Acquisition, Angewandte Sprachwissenschaft, Einsprachigkeit, Elektrophysiologische Methoden, Erwerbsalter, Hämodynamische Methoden, Hemispärendominanz, Kognition, Kognitionswissenschaft, Neurolinguistik, Neurowissenschaft, Sprachkompetenz, Sprachverarbeitung, Zweisprachigkeit, Zweitsprachenverarbeitung

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Cognition and language are uniquely human features. The complex phenomenon of human language is subject to diverse scientific research. The interdisciplinary field of neurolinguistics studies the neural mechanisms underlying language processing and draws predominantly from linguistics, neuroscience and cognitive science. This is also the approach of this book, which puts special emphasis on differences in language processing between mono- and bilinguals. After an introduction to the location of language in the brain, concepts of bilingualism, models of language processing and specific features of the bilingual brain, the main part focuses on electrophysiological and hemodynamic examination methods of modern neurolinguistics. These are illustrated by a number of studies which have been published in renowned neuroscientific and linguistic journals and aim at answering the following questions: which factors influence the acquisition, understanding and production of native and foreign language? Is the influence identical in both languages and on all linguistic levels or does it vary? If so, for what reason? Does the processing of a foreign language in bilinguals differ from the processing of their native language, and is the process underlying the latter identical with the process in monolinguals? Are there even differences in brain structure, possibly? At the end of the book, the current scientific knowledge is summarized and the influence of various single factors on language processing is pointed out.

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