Dissertation: Ekklesiologie und Pneumatologie bei Basilius von Caesarea

Ekklesiologie und Pneumatologie bei Basilius von Caesarea

Zentrum seiner Theologie als Beitrag zur Einheit der Kirche

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Studien zur Kirchengeschichte, volume 26

Hamburg , 174 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9116-5 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09116-1 (eBook)

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Ecclesiology and pneumatology are modern concepts. Consequently, Basil of Caesarea has not set either systematic ecclesiology or systematic pneumatology in the strict sense, but he has closely notified his ideas to guide the Christian faith, respectively in certain, specific moments of everyday ecclesial and political life. It was found that the strength of his talent and his work lay in the field of practical activity. Appropriately, Basil of Caesarea must be understood as a practitioner. In his early writings, Basil finds expression in the so-called Monastic rules. From two aspects his monastery image derives to his ideals of the church: the formation of Beichtinstituts and ideas for possession ethics. Basil set his ideas obligatory for the whole Church, and eliminated the fundamental damage of the church.

His theological tendency gradually moved from ecclesiology to pneumatology. During his time as a monk, Basil of Caesarea has made contribution to ecclesiology. As a bishop, he has tried to establish pneumatology, in order to set up a common creed among Christians. No one denies that his pneumatology evolved from his opposition to the apology of Eunomius and his discussion with Eustathius. Accordingly, his development of pneumatology was not based on systematic considerations but on spontaneous responses to heretical opinions.

The unity of the Church, which Basil sought, is found during the commitment of the II. Ecumenical Council. Unfortunately, Basil could not see the result himself because he died about two years ahead. Due to his outstanding activities, an epithet, "the Great", has been added to his lifetime.

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