Dissertation: Mit Liebe gebaut

Mit Liebe gebaut

Konsumenteninduziertes Modell zur Optimierung nachfrageorientierter Handelsimmobilien

Studien zum Konsumentenverhalten, Band 64

Hamburg 2015, 214 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8522-5 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-08522-1 (eBook)


[...] Gedacht ist das Werk für Entwickler, Betreiber und Managementunternehmen von Shoppingcentern, die [...] nach neuen Wegen suchen, das scheue Wesen Kunde besser zu verstehen.
[...] Manchmal braucht es offensichtlich wirklich eine Doktorarbeit, um völlig einleuchtenden Zusammenhängen auf die Spur zu kommen.

Ulrich Schüppler, in:
Immobilien Zeitung, IZ 25.8.2016, Ausgabe 34/2016

Centermanagement, Einkaufsmotivation, Handelsimmobilie, Konsumentenforschung, Lebenszyklus, Marketing, Positionierung, Projektentwicklung, Projektmanagement, Qualitätssicherung, Revitalisierung, Shopping Center

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The retail landscape is undergoing a major upheaval and the change from product to customer focus requires not only flexible structures and faster adaptation processes, but also early identification of alterations.

An investigation of the changes in the market and consumer behaviour as well as trends and forecasts for the next ten years will reveal both the current and future anticipated requirements for the development of commercial real estate. Insights into brain research and psychology provide valuable conclusions on purchase behaviour and the shopping motivation of individuals, which are used in conjunction with modern methods and techniques of practical brand models to develop a strategic positioning model for verification of user motifs in the target market. A total of 27 deep psychological interviews were conducted with current and potential shopping centre consumers, measuring basic attitudes, motives and behaviour patterns regarding shopping centre use. Discussions with experts from the apparel and automotive industries provided valuable ideas and inspiration for the modelling of customer-oriented retail real estate development.

The result, a unique positioning strategy, requires specialists in centre management and retail, in marketing planning, customer approach and selection of events in line with brand characteristics. In order to enable architects, designers and planners to illustrate an accessible, unique and clearly noticeable identity to customers via their design and architecture, they will receive a defined themed image design brief.

Extensive analysis on the one hand reduces developers’ risk and on the other provides basic arguments for negotiations with investors, banks, retail tenants as well as city and municipality authorities.

The change in the retail environment is forcing the entire industry to explore new paths, question familiar and practiced methods and to accept new challenges. If it is possible to take people on this journey and to inspire them, this not only promises the opportunity for a successful and sustainable commercial real estate development, but also for new methods of interdisciplinary collaboration.

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