Doktorarbeit: Institutionalizing Negotiation Management

Institutionalizing Negotiation Management

A Success Factor for B2B Sales Negotiations

Schriftenreihe zum Verhandlungsmanagement, volume 14

Hamburg , 146 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12114-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12115-8 (eBook)

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Despite advancing digitalization, negotiations in B2B sales remain the medium to close deals. This means that companies are still faced with the question of which measures to take in order to control their own salespeople in the context of sales negotiations. In the past, research has focused strongly on individual aspects of direct influence on negotiations. However, since companies also take indirect influence on the behavior of their salespeople by shaping the framing conditions (e.g. discount guidelines), the view must be broadened. In this respect, the question of whether institutionalized negotiation management contributes to the improvement of negotiation results has so far only been discussed in examples.

Therefore it is examined, which levers are used by companies, in order to take influence on salespeople in negotiations. Then their use in different companies is examined for recurring patterns. From this, four approaches to institutionalize negotiation management in sales are derived. These approaches are „Manage by exception“, „Enabling“, „Process Guidance“ and „Process Control“.

Subsequently, the positive effect of the use of these approaches on negotiation success is investigated and confirmed.

After approving this positive relationship between the use of negotiation management and negotiation success, the question arises as to why only few companies practice negotiation management. Therefore, the reasons that lead to failed introduction of negotiation management are investigated along the change management process.

Taken together, this book examines which approaches companies take when introducing negotiation management in sales. Essentially, a positive relationship between the use of negotiation management and the resulting negotiation success can be confirmed. Beyond that, specific mistakes that need to be avoided when introducing negotiation management are highlighted.

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