Dissertation: Die grenzüberschreitende Unternehmensstrafbarkeit des UK Bribery Act 2010

Die grenzüberschreitende Unternehmensstrafbarkeit des UK Bribery Act 2010

Zugleich eine wertende Analyse des deutschen Sanktionsregimes gegenüber Unternehmen de lege lata und de lege ferenda

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COMPLIANCE, volume 22

Hamburg , 378 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11384-9 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-11385-6 (eBook)

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The dissertation deals primarily with the effect the extra-territorial scope of the UK Bribery Act 2010 has on German entities and the potential need for restructuring the German laws regarding sanctioning corporations.

Doing so, the principles of English criminal law and especially the corporate criminal liability are illuminated. Building on that, the UK Bribery Act 2010 is outlined historically as well as content wise and critically reflected. Legal terms requiring legal interpretation are defined and, in particular, the compatibility of sec. 7 UK Bribery Act with international law, the presumption of innocence as well as the principle of maximum certainty are reviewed.

Also, possible sanctions against German entities according to the UK Bribery Act are outlined and the question of how those sanctions can be enforced transcend the domestic sphere is discussed.

After pointing out flaws in the Ministry of Justice’s Guidance to the UK Bribery Act a separate Guidance draft for German entities – regardless of their structure and size – is presented for them to self-assess their processes and prevent delinquent behavior from within their own businesses.

In addition to describing the current and potential future German laws on sanctioning corporations (especially the 2013 North Rhine-Westphalian draft for a corporate criminal liability act (“Verbandsstrafgesetzbuch”) and the 2017 draft for a sanctioning corporations act (“Kölner Entwurf eines Verbandssanktionengesetzes”) it is then discussed whether criminal liability cases according to sec. 7 UK Bribery Act and the respective (potential) German laws concerning corruption can be regarded as “the same act“ according to Article 54 of the CISA and if this would result in a discontinuance of criminal proceedings in the state which prosecutes second. Based on that, consequences for a potential new law will be assessed. Where appropriate, the pending exit of the EU by the United Kingdom is taken into consideration.

Furthermore, the system of Deferred Prosecution Agreements in English law and the respective possibility to suspend proceedings according to § 153a of the German Code of Criminal Procedures (StPO) are assessed with regards to Article 54 of the CISA.

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