Habilitationsschrift: Das Medium Film im Kontext der neuen gymnasialen Oberstufe

Das Medium Film im Kontext der neuen gymnasialen Oberstufe

P-Seminar Geographie

Medienpädagogik und Mediendidaktik, volume 28

Hamburg , 490 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-10712-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-10713-8 (eBook)

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In the context of media activities at school, pupils get an overall insight into global processes and changing dynamics taking place on our planet earth when being confronted with film arrangements, for instance explainity clips, movie trailers or documentaries. Young people travel around the world more quickly than ever before in their real and virtual rooms.

As a consequence, teaching staff has to be aware of both chances and risks when using film material in classroom contexts. Moreover, presenting films in today’s educational landscapes must be more than only a l’art pour l’art playlist.

The research project at issue focuses on outdoor learning and teaching through the eyes of a film team. This involves A-level pupils from four different Bavarian grammar schools producing explainity clips for fifth grade pupils about the Alps in the context of changing environments.

Empirical checks show an obvious link between learning and teaching success, the degree of personal motivation and the amount of individual activity. All in all, only thorough didactical concepts and deepening method structures lead to enrichening and sustainable effects when launching films in school lessons.

This study was finished in 2013, surprisingly winning the European Comenius Award in the category “Innovative explainity clips”.


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