Dissertation: Domänenspezifik und Interdisziplinarität – Lernen im Fach und Fächerverbund am Beispiel Technischer Bildung

Domänenspezifik und Interdisziplinarität –
Lernen im Fach und Fächerverbund am Beispiel Technischer Bildung

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Didaktik in Forschung und Praxis, volume 89

Hamburg , 528 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9783-9 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09783-5 (eBook)

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The didactical concept of interdisciplinary teaching and learning in school has been widely and repeatedly implemented in German and international curricula. Nonetheless subject didactical research has been concerned with questions regarding interdisciplinary models only marginally so far. However, philosophy of science and cognitive science have discussed opportunities and drawbacks of interdisciplinarity intensely. Knowledge deriving from this discourse can set important impetus for subject didactical reflection and conception of educational interdisciplinarity. In this synthesis the approach of the supplied research study becomes visible. A respective analysis of questions regarding subject didactical matters has been conducted using the example of technological literacy education. That is, because purposive knowledge interest of technology converges with causal cognitive interest of the natural sciences, both of them supporting their respective domain-specific ideas into various curricular STEM-concepts, thus creating an area of conflict.

This book carves out cognitive-scientifical and domain-specific requirements of interdisciplinary technical and subject oriented methodology. Exemplified in technology education it demonstrates how different disciplinary scientific approaches and didactical conceptions can merge successfully between subject-based and interdisciplinary approaches. Numerous terms of successful interdisciplinary didactics are being reflected.

The pivotal significance of this research study results from its providing of two new basic models of interdisciplinary didactics. These models are science-based in the fields of philosophy of science, cognitive science and didactical theory. Criteria thus obtained enable examination of the configuration of the didactical interdisciplinarity as well as of the domain specific value of selected integrated subject combinations hence. With its help approaches of interdisciplinarity in both academic education and school can be drafted according to requirements.

For curriculum designers, educational policy-makers, educational and didactical scientists and last but not least all teaching staff this educational science research study offers valuable momenta and a conceptual device for implementation of reasonable and coherent domain specific interdisciplinarity.


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