Forschungsarbeit: Einfluss der Organisationskultur und der organisationalen Gerechtigkeit auf wirtschaftskriminelles Verhalten

Einfluss der Organisationskultur und der organisationalen Gerechtigkeit auf wirtschaftskriminelles Verhalten

Implementierung eines Compliance-Committees

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Compliance – geprüft, volume 2

Hamburg , 280 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9228-5 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-09228-1 (eBook)

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VW‘s emission scandal, the numerous searches at Deutsche Bank and the bribery and corruption charges against Siemens AG are just some of the many examples of how existing compliance programs fail - even though the companies involved are considered to be First Class when it comes to the design and configuration of compliance management systems (CMS).

This study will show why many compliance programs fail and how economic criminality and systemic phenomena such as the socialization of staff and the so called “useful illegality” as used by some companies, have previously been neglected in CMS design.

A holistic understanding is achieved by making the connections between compliance, organizational culture, counterproductive behaviour and organizational justice. It is further shown what effects these inter-dependencies can cause when they are ignored in the design of a compliance program.

The best practices thus produced provide the knowledge and experience necessary in how to implement a Compliance Committee (CC). Creating a CC provides the ideal solution to enhance the effectiveness of compliance programs.

To this end it is fully explained how, through the Triple Prevention measures of CC, the perception and evaluation process for compliant behaviour can be positively influenced and how an improved “Normal” level of acceptance is achieved by a more sophisticated internalisation that drives the ability to “tell right from wrong”.

The author gives a deeper understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of compliance within an organization. The new “best-practice” solutions help to establish an effective compliance organization and to strengthen internal credibility and external reputation outside of the organization.

about the author

Tommas Kaplan first started his career in criminal investigation before adding his Master in Compliance. He has worked as Head of Compliance and HR manager for a medium-sized company in the real estate industry for several years. He focuses on the design and implementation of CMS, instigating and leading Internal Investigations, the strategic approach to non-compliance, and HR compliance.

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