Forschungsarbeit: Leben und Wirken des deutsch-russischen Forschers Gregor Boroffka (1894–1942)

Leben und Wirken des deutsch-russischen Forschers Gregor Boroffka (1894–1942)

Briefe (1913–1935) an die Familie aus Russland nach Deutschland

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Schriften zur Kulturgeschichte, volume 36

Hamburg , 324 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8689-5 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-08689-1 (eBook)

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Between 1913 and 1935 Gregor Boroffka and his long-standing girlfriend wrote this unique series of letters from Russia to the emigrated family in Germany. It gives an animated description of his exceptional life as a scientist. These letters, photographies from all periods of his life, original documents, and explanatory notes from the editor document his private and professional development.

Gregor Boroffka was born into a German-Baltic middle class family in pre-revolutionary St. Petersburg. In the 1920s he began a successful career in Soviet Leningrad as archaeologist and specialist for Scythian antiquities. Especially his renowned excavations in Mongolia and his English book on the Scythian Animal Style were widely known in the international scientific community. After 1930, as political prisoner in a camp in the North Russian taiga, he was involved in establishing geological and archaeological scholarship in the region.

The book relates his very private experience of the fundamental social upheaval in Russia and offers an intimate view of events of historical and cultural interest. Boroffka was a member of the Russian intelligenzija and worked near persons of political importance. The interweaving of science and politics and the close bond between the German and Russian culture are central topics of his biography.

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