Dissertation: Das ungarische Pfandrecht

Das ungarische Pfandrecht

Studien zum Internationalen Privat- und Zivilprozessrecht sowie zum UN-Kaufrecht, volume 60

Hamburg , 452 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7514-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07514-7 (eBook)

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The security interest under Hungarian Law and its effectiveness as debt collateral are the subject-matter of this research study. The author examines potential conflicts of interests on the basis of practical problem statements and suggests solutions. The focus is on the interests of the beneficiary regarding the quality of the security interest as collateral. In the course of the examination the systematic relations and dogmatic structures of the Hungarian security interest are demonstrated. When suitable, a comparative review of similarities and differences to the German law is made. The research study provides the reader for the first time with a detailed overview of the functioning of the different types of security interest (lien, mortgage etc.) in Hungary. The examination illustrates the legal options and risks involved in the case of the securing of investments in Hungary via a security interest. It provides, therefore, a useful source of information for all investors and their advisors who are, or plan to become active in Hungary.

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