Dissertation: Hochqualifiziert, jung, flexibel und männlich?

Hochqualifiziert, jung, flexibel und männlich?

Eine genderorientierte Analyse des Berufsfeldes IT-Consulting

Gender Studies – Interdisziplinäre Schriftenreihe zur Geschlechterforschung, volume 25

Hamburg , 424 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7480-9 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07480-5 (eBook)

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The IT consulting industry combines many facets of new labour areas and ways of working are caused by changes in work environment and the use of new technologies, or will develop in the future. The author dedicates her genderspecific analysis of the profession IT consulting the previously rear studied working conditions, structures and gender relations of the independent IT consultants. The goal is to describe and characterize IT consulting as well as their location within a flexibilizing world of employment.

The most interesting aspect to answer will be the question if there are indications of weakening the traditional boundaries or changes within gender relations. The issue is, whether IT consultants taking account of gender relations describe their work and their working environment: Are they highly qualified, young, flexible and male? Or the structures of actions that influence the development of the social relations in the professional field are analyzed. Researching this industry, which is seen as a "prototype of borderless and flexible employment", different perspectives are taken into account: the subjective perspective of IT consultants (their self-assessment) and the prospect of consulting companies (such as IT consultants should be).

As a framework for interpreting selected labour concepts and gender research will be supportive. An expanded view of working conditions and work actions is made possible through the inclusion of Bourdieu's theory of culture.

In this matter the course of action and behavioral patterns of IT consultants are the same, structures and motives a professional habituation can be seen in both women and men.

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