Dissertation: Schulqualität sichern!

Schulqualität sichern!

Vereinbarungskultur in schulischen Kollegien

Schulentwicklung in Forschung und Praxis, volume 31

Hamburg , 308 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11952-0 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11953-7 (eBook)

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Ensure school quality! Agreement culture in school colleges

To ensure and increase school quality is the intention of numerous Austrian school reforms. The colleges in schools increasingly are responsible to reach the targets. Year after year they commit themselves in securitized form to new steps in quality development. They should achieve this goal with the help of a new culture – the culture of agreement. So far, the instrument has hardly been discussed and described in a scientific context. Many questions are still unanswered: What does culture of agreement mean? Which characteristics determine it and how can they be observed? Another research gap is: Which empirical findings prove the relevance of the culture of agreement in the context of school quality? And last but not least: How are agreements made in schools? Can colleges succeed in joint, target-oriented action and collectively assume responsibility for the results?

The book aims to answer all these questions in a theoretically and empirically well-founded manner. It provides (1) the positioning of the term culture of agreement in educational theory, (2) findings about the correlation between a culture of agreement and school quality, (3) a framework for action with 31 features that determine favora-ble collegial behavior and (4) the investigation of the reality of agreements in a case study with the Rep Grid technology, which is still little established in education. It should (5) be tested whether it is suitable in the research setting to simultaneously raise the culture of an organization and trigger organizational development.

The professionally collected findings provide a solid basis for organizational planning, collegial communication and educational action. An impressive book for everyone who wants to ensure school quality on a scientific basis in order to give children the best possible education.“ (Em. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Werner Lenz)

The book conveys basic knowledge and helps to understand the new tasks that eve-ry school / every educator must face based on new research results.

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