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Forschungsarbeit: Reliability and Validity of the Skijumping Technique Factors

Reliability and Validity of the Skijumping Technique Factors

- in englischer Sprache -

Schriften zur Sport­wissenschaft, Band 140

Hamburg 2017, 148 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-9463-0

Accuracy, Aerodynamic index, Flight phase, In-run phase, Jumping technique, Performance, Reliability, Skijumping, Ski jumping, Skispringen, Sportwissenschaft, Stability, Take-off phase, Technique factor, Validity

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The new book by the experienced authors in sports presents research in the ski jumping technique based on selected dynamic and kinematic factors.

Ski jumping is a technically challenging sport and the most important for jump realization are stability, reliability and validity.

The authors divided the ski jumping technique into a sequence of specific movements in four phases (in-run, take-off, flight, and landing), and gave a detailed explanation of their mechanical features. These are mechanically invariant, but from a kinesiological aspect, they represent the variable characteristics of a ski jumper’s movement style. Mechanical features of the movement technique observed in individual jumpers are considered as variable features, or variables (inter-individual variability). These features also vary between several jumps made by the same athlete (intra-individual variability). The main aim of the book is to determine the reliability of the mechanical variables with regard to inter-individual variability, and to evaluate the stability of the same variables in terms of intra-individual variability.

Concrete study results could be used to improve the currently used model of training in terms of motor learning and optimization of technical execution of movement.

The research will perfect help to the practical aspect of ski jumping practice, and enable a further increase in the quality level of the ski jumping technique.

Furthermore, the research has raised several new questions and issues which sports science will need to address in future studies of the biological, psychological, and social aspects of ski jumping.

The study can also be used as model for other specific technical sport.

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