Dissertation: Die Rechtskontrolle von Wassergebühren und Wasserpreisen

Die Rechtskontrolle von Wassergebühren und Wasserpreisen

Eine systemvergleichende Gegenüberstellung von gebührenrechtlicher und kartellrechtlicher Missbrauchsaufsicht

Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft, volume 386

Hamburg , 936 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-9391-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-09391-2 (eBook)

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A central issue for municipal water management is the ongoing discussion on the amount of drinking water prices. Many municipal water utilities are economically faced with considering the current challenges with a change in remuneration. Due to declining water habits, changed user behavior as well as climatic and demographic changes, it will become increasingly demanding, cost-covering and yet stable drinking water charges. The decision of the Federal Court of Justice in the case of enwag Wetzlar of February 2, 2010 (KVR 66/08) also focuses on the drinking water prices of the cartel authorities. In many federal states, sectoral investigations have since been carried out more intensively, and individual procedures have been introduced to investigate excessive drinking water prices. In the context of the 8th Amendment to the Act Against Competition Restrictions (GWB) in 2013, it was clarified that only private charges are subject to antitrust abuse control. But companies that charge public service charges for the drinking water supply remain includable as a comparative company in an antitrust investigation.

The present thesis shows the complex structures of the calculation and control of charges in the area of drinking water supply and compares the legal and methodical framework conditions and limits of the control of drinking water charges by the local supervisory authorities on the one hand and by the cartel authorities on the other.

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