Doktorarbeit: Integration der Repertory Grid Technik in das Anforderungsmanagement – IngGrid

Integration der Repertory Grid Technik in das Anforderungsmanagement – IngGrid

Cottbuser Schriften zum Qualitätsmanagement, volume 5

Hamburg , 166 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8848-6 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08848-2 (eBook)

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Customer orientation and the understanding of customer needs including emotional perspectives of those will increasingly be in the focus of product development in the future. Thus, the perception of a product will become an important topic for companies. The paper at hand strives for the development of an awareness that firstly, it will be essential to involve customers in the product development and secondly, that it will be important to determine the emotional as well as non-visible requirements of customers and to meet these.

In 1955, George A. Kelly published his work "The Psychology of Personal Constructs". It introduced an investigation procedure, the Repertory Grid Test. Within the framework of personality psychology, this technique has been used for the determination of personal attitudes and relationships ever since.

Due to the interesting results the technique has also been progressively used in fields outside of psychology since the 1980s. The first steps outside the field of psychology reached from market research to the information and communications technology. In consequence of the wide range of possibilities in the field of implementation and evaluation a continuous use of the technology was recorded specifically in market research. Furthermore, the combination of behavioral sciences and market research lead to the Repertory Grid Technique being a promising tool.

After many years of working with the Repertory Grid Technique with the aim of its transformation and integration into the requirements management numerous difficulties have emerged that are to be resolved in the present work. The engineering-oriented Repertory Grid Technology – IngGrid for short – is represented as a tool with great potential. With the elimination of vulnerabilities in relation to the traditional Repertory Grid Technique, IngGrid constitutes an innovative contribution for requirements management as well as the associated requirement determination and product development.

In the work at hand, the general importance of customer integration into the requirements management, the potentials of the Repertory Grid Technique and its transformation for requirements management are demonstrated.

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