Forschungsarbeit: Rebellionen – Moderne Sanskrit-Erzählungen über Tradition und Neuerung im Alltag indischer Paare

Rebellionen – Moderne Sanskrit-Erzählungen über Tradition und Neuerung im Alltag indischer Paare

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HERODOT – Wissenschaftliche Schriften zur Ethnologie und Anthropologie, volume 22

Hamburg , 234 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11838-7 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-11839-4 (eBook)

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Rebellious scenes in eight stories translated from Sanskrit between 1954 and 2015 reveal how Indian couples are breaking free from the shackles of tradition. People continue to give the positive aspects of custom a place in their lives and question old guidelines that prove to be a hindrance to modern individual life. Even if the stories were written for readers from their own cultural background, the connections are so clearly portrayed that we can experience authentic Indian everyday life at first hand and participate emotionally when the protagonists cope with the drastic events.

  • A young man and a woman widowed during childhood want to marry against the opposition of the religious community.
  • A married young woman questions her slave labor in her parents’ field.
  • A potential daughter-in-law gets through the physical appraisal by the groom’s family.
  • A young wife revolts against the authority of the extended family.
  • A successful entrepreneur lends his wife to the business partner. In return, she changes the traditional rules of succession according to her wishes.
  • A young husband takes a job from a traditionally lower class of society.
  • A young wife maintains steadfastness against the predictions of astrologers.
  • A scientist chooses to find his great love himself.
  • A fiance is postponing the wedding in order to be able to support the siblings financially with her own work.

The original texts were transliterated from the devanāgarī-script, scientifically processed and, for Sanskritists, conducted parallel to the translation. The translated narratives are provided with explanatory footnotes. An introduction embeds them in the context of their creation. The authors’ biographies are attached. There is a large amount of modern literature in Sanskrit, but no scientifically prepared translations. With this collection of narratives, a narrow path was laid for initial investigations into the jungle of the many thousands of works of modern Sanskrit literature, opening up a broad field of research to scientists and a realistic insight into an unknown world for readers.


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