Doktorarbeit: Dienstleistung 4.0

Dienstleistung 4.0

Konzeption und empirische Prüfung einer von smarten Assistenten angebotenen Dienstleistungsform

Innovatives Dienstleistungsmanagement, volume 47

Hamburg , 450 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-11562-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-11563-8 (eBook)

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While the term „Industry 4.0“ is used inflationary and seems to be omnipresent, scientific work on „Service 4.0“ is still a niche area. This monograph aims to close this research gap by presenting a conceptual proposal for services 4.0. In the first part of the monograph, the “4.0 hype” is critically examined. A comprehensive literature analysis is used to show that a fourth industrial revolution indeed exists and that the term 4.0 is therefore justified. The revolutionary aspect of the declared fourth industrial revolution manifests itself in the technological support of human cognition. This critical aspect is also the core value offering of services 4.0. A service 4.0 is then defined as a service which is always offered by smart assistants and can enable people to make more precise decisions by providing personalized information. By doing so, services 4.0 can relieve users in routine tasks in their everyday lives. The analyzed value proposition offered by smart assistants finds its theoretical anchoring in the information economy and the fact that people always act under limited cognitive capabilities. By using a special form of conjoint analysis, a study is conducted in the empirical part of this thesis in order to derive user-relevant characteristics of smart assistants. On this basis, a concrete proposal of the conception of smart assistants is then offered. In addition to the discussion of relevant business implications, it is also explained that marketing must in general change to a consumer-to-business approach. With the presentation of new marketing strategies, which are called 4R’s, an outlook on the marketing of the future is also given in this context.


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