Doktorarbeit: Gesundheit als Dimension des Politischen

Gesundheit als Dimension des Politischen

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POLITICA – Schriftenreihe zur politischen Wissenschaft, volume 104

Hamburg , 250 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8849-3 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-08849-9 (eBook)


[...] Wer sich ernsthaft mit den Strukturen des deutschen Gesundheitssystems beschäftigen möchte, kann zum Einstieg und zur ersten Vertiefung in das Thema auf diese Publikation zurückgreifen. [...]

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This work is about health as a dimension of politics. The first question that needs to be clarified: what is health? Indisputably, health refers to something like wellness – the harmony of psych and physique. Only seemingly simpler is the definition of the contrary – the ailment. This, too, is difficult to define distinctly. One may feel ill, although no doctor can find anything wrong. Another may feel healthy, but a routine examination may reveal a severe disease. Do perfectly healthy people exist? Do people pretend to be healthy because illness is perceived as a flaw? Do philosophers like Plato, Kant, and Nietzsche have an answer?

Over the course of this work, it is inquired what positive or negative effects on health – besides the very individual personal constitution – are relevant and what role politics plays in it. The work describes the important task of governing the German healthcare system. The complexity and entanglement of various agents as well as the economic aspects are construed. The responsibility of politics even outside the healthcare system becomes noticeably apparent. For instance, in the realm of the welfare state, education, in the food sector, and in environmental policy obligations for health promotion and disease prevention for citizens are outlined. The duties of politics end at the civil liberties of people.

Politics can recommend a healthy lifestyle, provide training, and encourage sporting activities, but conversely it cannot demand a healthy way of living, let alone punish an unhealthy life. Public authorities must provide appropriate offers, however the citizens do not have to accept them. There is a mandate to the policy of promoting and protecting health. Man has the freedom to shape his life on his own terms. Is it acceptable if he harms himself even if his unreason incurs costs to the solidary healthcare system? This is a balancing act that society should manage together.


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