Dissertation: Open Innovation and Knowledge Management in Large Corporations

Open Innovation and Knowledge Management in Large Corporations

Organizational Antecedents and Performance Effects

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Strategisches Management, Band 178

Hamburg , 206 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-8300-8523-2 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-08523-8 (eBook)

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This book consists of four individual studies that shed light on the interplay of innovation and knowledge management issues. With the proliferation of the open innovation paradigm and against the backdrop of increasing external knowledge transfer activities, knowledge management today is of cardinal importance for innovation and firm performance. However, knowledge management is no longer a pure intra-organizational activity. Instead, it constitutes a vital interface function with external partners.

Based on a broad methodological mix including meta-analytical calculations, in-depth case study analyses, and quantitative empirical research, this work elaborates on the antecedents of (open) innovation and some of the crucial interdependencies between innovation processes, knowledge management activities, and internal as well as external contingency factors. Throughout the book, the reader obtains both a broad overview of the current state of innovation research as well as of very specific topics that so far have not been addressed in management research. In particular, this book explains holistic knowledge management configurations in large firms, the role of knowledge transfer as a key outbound open innovation process, and the differential influence of coordination mechanisms on knowledge exchange behavior.

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