Forschungsarbeit: Aufwachsen im Prekariat als Thema neuerer Literatur für Kinder und Jugendliche

Aufwachsen im Prekariat als Thema neuerer Literatur für Kinder und Jugendliche

Ein Beitrag zur Ästhetik und Didaktik

POETICA – Schriften zur Literaturwissenschaft, volume 126

Hamburg , 178 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-7200-3 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-07200-9 (eBook)

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Growing up in socially precarious circumstances is a reality for numerous children and young people.

The author examines to what extent the topic of “The precariat” can be found in recent children’s and youth literature. Does reading give young people the chance to consider the reality of their own lives and that of others?

The result is a textbook that provides teachers of German, with their orientation towards encouraging reading and literary education, a wide variety of basic ideas and impulses. It concentrates on three works, which are dealt with in extensive individual and text-oriented interpretations: Wolfgang Herrndorf’s Tschick, Andreas Steinhöfel’s Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten, and Pete Smith’s Arm sind die anderen. Despite their many differences, the young protagonists have one thing in common – they are confronted with extremely precarious circumstances and win through under extremely difficult conditions.

The analysis covers the literary motifs and their aesthetic form as well as a consideration of didactic aspects. The book also contains an examination of and commentary on the methodology of existing lesson material.

The basis and starting-point is the evaluation of sociological research on the topic of “precariat”, which reveals the wide variety of disadvantages to which young people in conditions threatened by poverty are subject. This is followed by a differentiated overview of the thematic aspects which occur in stories about “Growing up in the precariat”. Picture-books, children’s and youth literature are considered in this context. In addition, the evaluation of personal reports and statements sent to the author by the writers Kirsten Boie, Rolf Lappert, Tanya Lieske, Peter Pohl, Pete Smith and Lydia Zeller is particularly revealing. They provide impressive evidence of the intention of illustrating young people’s lives in an authentic way and portraying the daily lives of those affected.

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