Dissertation: Performance Implications and Implementation of Brand Personality

Performance Implications and Implementation of Brand Personality

A Dyadic Perspective on Managers‘ Intentions and Consumers‘ Perceptions

MERKUR – Schriften zum Innovativen Marketing-Management, volume 34

Hamburg , 272 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-4194-8 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-04194-4 (eBook)

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In contemporary marketing, brand personality has emerged as a key brand component with high relevance for brand performance. Nevertheless, in this study, several important research deficits on brand personality are identified and addressed in the empirical analyses. Based on these research deficits, the book focuses on the following two research objectives: First, the identification of the performance implications of brand personality and second, the creation of knowledge on brand personality implementation.

Based on a dyadic empirical study with brand managers and consumers, the author conceptually discusses and empirically analyzes the performance implications of a brand personality, the role of specific branding activities and marketing variables in the implementation of an intended brand personality, and the brand performance implications of the fit of brand personality with the consumer’s personality. Finally, academic and managerial implications are provided. The findings of this dissertation can provide guidance for managers with regard to the creation and positioning of a brand (and ist personality).

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