Doktorarbeit: Gegenwärtige Mythosforschung und Neurolinguistisches Programmieren

Gegenwärtige Mythosforschung und Neurolinguistisches Programmieren

BOETHIANA – Forschungsergebnisse zur Philosophie, volume 172

Hamburg , 348 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12674-0 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12675-7 (eBook)

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The cultural–philosophical study of the mythical, religious and knowledge–oriented world interpretations aims to show that questions have developed from the emergence of culture in the first great writings through to the new worlds of life. Their development is driven by new knowledge about the world, about life and social processes. The basic questions of life remain the same, but the answers to these questions are constantly evolving. In the book, which consists of five chapters, two basic questions of human existence were picked out, namely the origin of the world and the cosmos, as well as the relationship between the two sexes. Both questions are answered today from the point of view of the natural sciences, neurosciences and the findings of modern psychology. These findings form the new “framework” (reframing) for answering existential questions. It turns out that the inner dynamics of the mythical narratives are preserved, but that they always generate new answers. Presumably we do not escape the mythical narratives, because they constantly challenge our rational and cognitive creativity.

The work on myth (H. Blumenberg) is seen here as a link between the various mythical, religious and knowledge–oriented world interpretations. The myth is seen as a dynamic way of thinking. Mythical thinking was based on the rules of language, the scientific laws of nature were only recognized later.

With the power of critical thinking, contemporary world interpretations, convictions and challenges can also be reinterpreted (reframed) together with cultural memory (A. Assmann) and pragmatic philosophy (W. James). The further development of world interpretations relates to the dynamics of cultural development. Because the myth is an active component in the culture of remembrance, the need remains to deal with it critically. And since new myths are constantly being generated, critical myth research remains an urgent task for philosophy.

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