Forschungsarbeit: Neue Perspektiven der gemeinsamen europäischen Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik

Neue Perspektiven der gemeinsamen europäischen Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik

Völkerrecht, Europarecht, Vergleichendes Öffentliches Recht, Band 9

Hamburg 2019, 206 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-11084-8 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-11085-5 (eBook)

Artikel 42 EUV, Beistandsklausel, EU-Armee, EU-Operationen, Europa, Europäische Verteidigungsagentur, Europarecht, European Defence Fund, Evolutivklausel, Gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik GASP, Gemeinsame Sicherheits- und Verteidigungspolitik GSVP, Gemeinsame Verteidigung, Ständige Strukturierte Zusammenarbeit PESCO, Verteidigungsunion

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The Common Defence Policy of the European Union – a topic which offers a lot of potential but raises numerous questions: what is the content of a European defence policy and where are its limits? Additionally, there are uncertainties due to the evolutionary clause of article 42 paragraph 2 TEU. This clause is creating the possibility of a common defence. However, the substance of a common defence is even more debatable than the scope of the defence policy. It can be confirmed that during the last years a new dynamic was developed, stopping the stagnation within this sector. This dynamic is influencing and determining the actions of the EU in the foreign policy. The establishment of the Permanent Structured Cooperation symbolizes inter alia an outcome of the new development. As a consequence, numerous legal issues occurred. In the book “New perspectives of a common European security and defence policy” extensive discussions can be found not only about the basis of the CFSP but also about complex aspects of the CSDP. Furthermore, the reader gets a deep insight – by explanations about the functioning and the importance – into the new developments like the Permanent Structured Cooperation, the European Defence Fund and the Coordinated Annual Review on Defence.

By analysing some disputed topics, for instance the establishment of a common military headquarter, the mutual assistance clause among the member states and the execution of operations of the EU, the book features interesting aspects worthy to read. Various opinions of different experts are implemented and compared in the book. Moreover, the author did a great job by constituting and processing the backgrounds of this new momentum. To elucidate this, not only the significance of the idea of solidarity but also the effects of the external actions of the US-American president Donald Trump are mentioned.

Last but not least, potential perspectives regarding a future CSDP are covered, whereat even the controversial topic of an EU-Army came up. The prerequisites, in order to establish an EU-Army or other possible developments, are logical summarized in the last chapter of the book.

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