Symposiumbandes: Philosophy of Nature in Cross-Cultural Dimensions

Philosophy of Nature in Cross-Cultural Dimensions

The Result of the International Symposium at the University of Vienna

Kompara­tive Philos­ophie und Inter­diszi­plinäre Bildung (KoPhil), Band 5

Hamburg 2017, 512 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-9442-5

Comparative Philosophy, Cross-Cultural Dimensions, Euro-Asian Continent, Interdisciplinary Philosophy, KoPhil, Philosophie, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Natural Science, Philosophy of Nature, Symposium, Transcultural Dialogue, University of Vienna

Zum Inhalt

This is the collected work of the “International Symposium: Philosophy of Nature”, given in May 2016 at the University of Vienna, organized by the “Verein für Komparative Philosophie und Interdisziplinäre Bildung / KoPhil” in Vienna. The elaborated documents by the 30 authors from Europe, Russia, East Asia, Northern America and Oceania aim to create a barrier-free dialogue between philosophers, human- and natural scientists. Focusing on interaction and productive communication, the collected documents present a model of the interdisciplinary research in cross-cultural dimensions in a global world.

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