Forschungsarbeit: Die Berechnung des Handelsvertreterausgleichs im Versicherungsvertrieb

Die Berechnung des Handelsvertreterausgleichs im Versicherungsvertrieb

Insbesondere die Vorteile des Unternehmers

Schriften zum Handels- und Gesellschaftsrecht, volume 189

Hamburg , 222 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8630-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08630-3 (eBook)

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Lawyers and practical business people active in the distribution law well know the difficulties in quantifying the claim to indemnity. Prerequisites and height of § 89 b German commercial code are still highly controversial in many respects after more than 60 years. This book shall make its calculation a little easier for the practice without renouncing, besides, for lawyers the content depth of the clash of opinions. The more useable they become, the rather an amicable ending of a distribution contract can be reached and, financially, the partly nomerous procedural costs of this most process prone regulation of the sales representative's law can be saved.

This counts even more, since § 89 b commercial code is communal-juridically overridden by the sales representative's directive No. 86/653/European Economic Community. Just it led by the judgement Tamoil/Semen to its last recast in 2009. The new role of the commission losses concerns many contentious issues and allows other attempts in respect to that - especially with the insurance agent.

This paper provides a comprehensive view of the state of knowledge of the views discussed up to now after several years of scientific and judicial analysis to the revised version. It focuses on questions referring to the calculation of the indemnity and the determination of the advantages of the entrepreneur. It is shown, that the views represented up to now - in case with the insurance agent - are not suitably or are not compatible with the law. Many new aspects and arguments are shown here for the first time and are introduced to the scientific discourse. A legal comparison with the Austrian indemnity claim embodies the end.

De lege ferenda a more far-reaching model to the calculation is developed, which corresponds to the requirements of the law more comprehensively.

The historical and European background are also shown. Many results are transferable - irrespective of insurance distribution - on other sales representatives.

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