Dissertation: Finden und gefunden werden – Marken- und Lauterkeitsrechtsschutz bei Online-Werbung

Finden und gefunden werden –
Marken- und Lauterkeitsrechtsschutz bei Online-Werbung

Eine Untersuchung der Rechtsprobleme beim Online-Marketing, insbesondere im Bereich des Keyword Advertising mit Blick auf die jüngste Rechtsprechung des EuGH und einem Vergleich mit der Beurteilung des Problems in anderen Ländern

Rostocker Schriften zum Wirtschaftsrecht, volume 19

Hamburg , 300 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8599-7 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08599-3 (eBook)

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Conventional advertising in print media, radio and television increasingly lost importance for advertisers and consumers in recent years. While the achievable sales with conventional advertising have been declining, with advertising on the Internet from year to year can be observed notable increases. Using the Internet enables companies to promote their goods and services highly targeted and effective. It is very accurate to achieve the envisaged target groups. For those target groups the easiest and most effective way to the searched goods and services leads via search engines, which for this reason are extremely important for online marketing issues.

The author examines the development of the legal situation to assess the use of foreign marks and signs for ones own promotional purposes in the context of online marketing and in particular keyword advertising.

After the presentation of the technical and legal bases as well as the historical development of the debate, starting from the discussion of trademark use in meta tags, is central to the study, the analysis of the keyword advertising case law in Germany and Europe, where in several cases the ECJ was concerned with the resulting legal issues. The court has not ruled finally on every detail and was therefore criticized by some authors in literature. Its verdicts nevertheless contain some important stipulations on keyword advertising and in particular on the role of individual brand features.

Another special role in the thesis plays the comparative consideration of the faced issues in other countries, primarily in the US. There, the online marketing and even more keyword advertising employed the courts and scholars as well. And both there and in Europe there is still no final legal certainty.

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