Forschungsarbeit: Eisen und Stahl im Fokus des Menschen

Eisen und Stahl im Fokus des Menschen

Ein umfassender Streifzug durch die Geschichte der Erzeugung, Verarbeitung und Verwendung von Eisen und Stahl

Schriften zur Ideen- und Wissenschaftsgeschichte, volume 16

Hamburg , 552 pages

ISBN 978-3-8300-8559-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-08559-7 (eBook)

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With the highly illustrated book „Iron and steel in the focus of humanity” the author wants to present the continuous significance of iron and steel in human history. Since the first detection of iron 4000 years ago until now, where it is produced and used plentifully, there have always been found new applications for iron and steel.

The author intends to point out in his book that the materials iron and steel have been beneficial in the Middle Age, during the Industrial Revolution and today, but, as they were used for the development and production of murderous weapons, iron and steel have also been a curse for mankind.

However, iron and steel offer a higher living standard in our daily life, enable people to travel comfortably and brings safety to our lives. Steel and iron are well- tried and make daily life easier, even today.

If the author speaks of wanderings through the history of production, manufacture and application of iron and steel in the subtitle of his work, he focuses on the following key aspects, due to the already existing, extensive information:

  • from the bloomer to the basic oxygen process (BOP)
  • forging
  • from bars to massive forgings
  • the production of iron castings yesterday and nowadays
  • from craft producers to steel empires
  • mankind generates fascinating projects out of iron and steel
  • from the entrance of science in this sector
  • the future of iron and steel - the “Iron Age” develops quickly

Now the question, who created this fascinating projects and who pushed on science, arises. All the personalities - scientists, pragmatics and architects - that contributed to the development of production, manufacture and usage of iron and steel, will be paid homage in this work with significant pictures.

With the book on hand, a final speech for iron and steel shall be held, not only historically. Steel and iron will be the foremost materials with the best quality/price ratio in future. No other material has a recycling rate of about 50%, relating to the primary production.


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