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QED Coherence in Condensed and Living Matter

From Theoretical Frameworks to Epistemological Implications

Schriftenreihe naturwissenschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse, Band 87

Hamburg , 488 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-339-13994-8 (Print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13995-5 (eBook)

Zum Inhalt

This book, based on the Author’s Ph.D. dissertation, is an unprecedented work consisting of an extended and detailed review of those scientific studies which give us a field perspective in describing condensed matter, water and, consequently, living matter.

The physical theoretical framework here presented, based on the inestimable work begun by heroic physicists (like Giuliano Preparata, Giuseppe Vitiello, Emilio, Del Giudice, Mae-Wan Ho, Hiroomi Umezawa, Robert H. Dicke, Nikolaj N. Bogoljubov, Ke-Hsueh Li, Fritz A. Popp, and many others) is first epistemologically framed and motivated pointing out various problems about the ability of usual scientific thinking into reduce some crucial features of living systems (like perception, adaptation, evolution, meaning, memory, teleology, morphogenesis, autopoiesis, etc.).

Eventually, some important implications, deriving from a unified vision of reality able to envisage structure and function in a physically based ontological unity, are shared. Along this path, a vast and in-depth description of water in its condensed phases and its role in the emergence of the living phase of matter is given, delivering a portrait of the phenomenon of life as something not faceable by a bottom-up (from micro to macro) causality only. Other few meaningful cases of the descriptive power of the Second Quantization in condensed matter systems are given. Indeed, a Quantum Field Theory envisioning of matter and fields, an understanding of dynamical origin of any kind of order in condensed matter within the processes of Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking, offer us a portrait of living systems characterized by an astounding level of order, coherence and…sense. And we can understand finally why.

Fruitful paradigmatic shifts in philosophy of science, physics, biology, medicine and in the relationship between humans, technology and society are feasible by seizing the whole picture presented here, becoming able to root a truly holistic vision on sound physical bases.

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