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Litigation or Arbitration: A Comparative Analysis of Methods in Settling International Commercial Disputes

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Studien zum Internationalen Privat- und Zivilprozessrecht sowie zum UN-Kaufrecht, Band 78

Hamburg , 198 Seiten

ISBN 978-3-339-13942-9 (Print)

ISBN 978-3-339-13943-6 (eBook)

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This dissertation delivers a comprehensive examination of the methods to settle international commercial disputes, focusing on litigation and arbitration within the realms of private international law and international civil procedure. It employs a dual-methodological approach, combining qualitative and comparative analyses, to study the practical disadvantages inherent in these dispute resolution methods, with a particular emphasis on practices in Germany and Turkey.

The research specifically categorizes and analyses the practical disadvantages, which are grouped into three primary themes: Enforceability of interim measures, the confidentiality of procedures and decisions, and the costs associated with judicial procedures. By investigating the root causes of these issues, the dissertation not only illuminates the challenges but also proposes a suite of solutions aimed at both arbitration and litigation.

Special attention is given to the dynamics of recent legal developments, the impact of institutional rules on arbitration proceedings, and the legislative and precedential atmospheres in the sampled jurisdictions. This focus is offering a nuanced perspective on the balance between court intervention and arbitral autonomy.

The study goes further to address the inconvenient process of recognizing and enforcing foreign judgments. In response to this challenge, it is recommended that states establish dedicated institutions or specific courts for handling international cases, thereby transcending domestic limitations in litigation.

Moreover, it argues for the evolution and enhancement of international mechanisms as a means to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of dispute resolution practice on a global scale. This recommendation highlights the need for a more cohesive and harmonious international legal framework that can adapt to the changing forms of international commercial disputes.

In essence, this dissertation makes a substantial contribution to the academic discourse surrounding international dispute resolution. It serves not only as a scholarly analysis but also as a practical guidebook, offering strategic insights for the optimization of dispute resolution mechanisms in the increasingly complex and intertwined global commercial environment.

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