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Transparenzprinzip als völkerrechtliches Verfahrensprinzip

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Studien zur Rechtswissenschaft, volume 489

Hamburg , 356 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-13910-8 (print) |ISBN 978-3-339-13911-5 (eBook)

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Transparency as a procedural guarantee has gained increasing interest as it has been used in various areas due to globalization processes. Accordingly, an attempt has been made to extrapolate a general principle that should regulate the various institutions. It is about the process of implementing global rules in national legal systems based on the model of administrative law itself. This construction has never been completely convincing, for the simple reason that the so-called global administrative law has not yet become an autonomous category. All of this leads to the question of whether the transparency principle – given its character as a basic principle based on the canon of neminem laedere and the protection of legitimate expectations, could not have the character of a binding erga omnes principle. From the general level, the discourse then moves to the individual level: if it is obviously one of the fundamental principles of international law, can the individual appeal to a supranational body for the violation of a right resulting from the non-application of the principle of transparency? One of the raison d'être of the so-called international community is precisely to guarantee the basic rights of the individual when the state is unable to do so: that’s why should the individual's right also be protected against procedural violations and must be asserted before the responsible institutions outside the national legal system. In this sense, transparency represents one of the fundamental principles of a universal nature. The analysis will make it clear that transparency is to consider a binding principle, as a result of which its violation must be treated as a violation of a fundamental rule of international law.

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