Forschungsarbeit: Phänomenologie des Könnens: Über das kunstvolle Bereiten von Pferden

Phänomenologie des Könnens: Über das kunstvolle Bereiten von Pferden

Studien zur Berufspädagogik, volume 60

Hamburg , 112 pages

ISBN 978-3-339-12226-1 (print)
ISBN 978-3-339-12227-8 (eBook)

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In how far do riders, who train horses, possess and use tacit knowledge? What are the facets of this knowledge? How should knowledge and skills be imparted to novices to become experts in horse training? The aim of this diploma thesis is to illustrate the meaning of tacit knowledge and its applicability in teaching. Michael Polanyi has been the first to describe tacit knowledge in his book “The Tacit Dimension”. Subsequently, Georg Hans Neuweg provided one of the first German reconstructions of the concept of Michael Polanyi. Thereby, the concept of tacit knowledge was introduced to the German-speaking community.

The first part of the paper describes the domain and defines the scope of investigation. Secondly, the diploma thesis focuses on the “Logik des Gelingens”. This term contains eleven key phrases and the consequences thereof. These categories were developed by Fritz Böhle, Jörg Markowitsch, Georg Hans Neuweg and Tasos Zembylas and should illustrate the whole range of tacit knowledge. At the core of this diploma thesis, the author tries to identify the knowledge and skills of riders, who are training horses by means of “Logik des Gelingens”. Therefore, seven professional riders have been interviewed. Finally, the results of the research are contrasted with the empirical data and the results are summarized. This diploma thesis is not only addressed to horse-lovers but to all, who are interested in knowledge and its transfer to non-professionals.


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